Saturday, August 23, 2008

Publix Super Savers

This is kinda late, but I'm trying to inspire my friends that couponing really does work. These are some great deals, for things that we can use. I'm learning that I don't have to do every deal. I didn't go to Publix since the new sale stared on Wednesday, and I probably won't go until we need milk or eggs or something. We're pretty stocked up for the month.

So this is what I got:
2 Nature Valley Granola Bars (Raincheck BOGO $2.89)
4 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish ($6)
2 Del Monte Frozen Strawberry Chillers(BOGO $2.43)
2 Del Monte Frozen Peach Chillers (BOGO $2.43)
2 Niagara Spray Starch ($1.98)
1 Publix Coffee Filters ($2.59)
2 Lunchables ($2)
4 Shout (BOGO $2.89)
2 Muir Glen Tomato Sauce ($1.58)
2 Apple and Eve Fruit Punch ($2.67)
1 Publix Gallon Milk (One Day Sale 1/2 Price $1.80)
2 Oust ($6)
1 Publix Large Eggs ($1.79)

Coupons used
$5/$30 ($5 off $30 purchase- Publix mailer)
$.60 Nature Valley
4- $.50 Goldfish Target Coupon (Publix does not double competitor's coupons)
2- $1/2 Delmonte Chillers
2 - $.75 Lunchables
2- $2 Shout
2- $1 Muir Glen products
2- $.50 Apple and Eve (coupons were doubled)
2- $1 Oust
1- $2/$10 CVS Q (coupon)

Regular Price $63.97
- $22.69 Sales
- $22.35 Coupons
= $18.93 OOP (out of pocket)
Savings of 70%
What a great day that was at Publix!
You can do it too. Check out Sarah's Publix Posts and Publix Super Savers at Fiddledeedee for more deals. That's what I do! It makes my shopping so much easier, fun, and full of savings!


Jess said...

That's awesome, Shaunta! I'm amazed by all of you bargain-getting-mommas!

Wonderful World said...

girl you are really a pro at this. it looks like you use coupons for sale items. Is that the trick? Did you come up with my program? LOL