Friday, August 22, 2008

Older women, teach the younger women to...

Use the potty!


Now this is discipleship at its best!!!


These Three Kings said...

GIRL!!! ROTF!!! MY HUB IS OVER HERE DYINg AT this video!!! He said she is a trip! WE are so encouraged!!!
have your mom seen this!??! Tay, seriously...the LORD Is preparing your home for your other sweet little ones! It just goes to show you..If the LORD opens the womb for us to have many..SURELY HE WILL PROVIDE THE GRACE FOR US TO HANDLE ALL SITUATIONS!!!! WE JUST need to TRUST HIM and look for those moments of GRACE!! love it my friend!! keep up that training!!!

Glory to GOD!!!

Joy said...

Girl, send her to the grocery store and get some rest.

These Three Kings said...

LOL @ Joy!! no, seriously.. i had to watch this again!

Tunisia said...

This is too cute!! LOL Watch the little expert work. :-)