Monday, February 21, 2011

Nighttime feedings

My son Mason is nearly 5 months old.  He usually sleeps through the night, but for the last couple of days he has been waking up (sometimes twice at night).  This has been quite difficult, as I have 3 other children ages 4 and under to care for during the day.  Mommy needs her rest.  The 2nd time he woke up last night, I really struggled to get out of  bed.  Finally, I thought, “Eucharisteo preceeds the miracle!”  As I thanked God for my precious son I jumped out of bed with energy and entered his room.  I put my babe to my breast and watched him as God provided his nourishment through me.  What an awesome God.  As time drifted, I began to meditate on Scripture and review Ps. 19 and Col. 1:1-3.  It was such a blessing to think on God’s Word as I sat with my little guy.  Eucharisteo preceeds the miracle.

I'm keeping a list in a journal of gifts...not gifts that I want, but gifts that I have.  Seeing God in my day is making me's changing my perspective. it's drawing me to the Lord.  Here are a few other gifts:
1.  Seeing Rae in a bathing suit over her pants.
6.  Watching Macky Boy party like it's 1999 after he potties.
9.  Listening to Halley telling Rae and Macky Boy a story about God. 
10.  Mason's toothless grin.
25.  Eddie cooking dinner.
41.  Smooth writing pens.
48.  Quiet time while 3/4 of my brood slleps.
50.  1 Peter 1
Won't you join me in counting your gifts?  What are you thankful for? 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Twins Turned 2 In Dec...

...but I didn't make their cake or sing happy b-day to them til Jan. 31!!  Good thing they're young enough that they dont know the difference.

Macky Boy knows how to enjoy a piece of cake...

...but Rae Rae really knows how to make it count!!!

5-a-month February Goals

Jess, an American blogger in Turkey, posts 5 goals for every month.  At the beginning of the next month she updates how she did.  I've decided to join her since I need the accountability.  So, here goes:

1. Read to the kids everyday.

2. Track our spending by using a checkbook register and stay within the budget.

3.  Drink 1.5 Juicy Juice bottles of water a day.

4.  Read/listen to the Bible or a Christian sermon daily.  Also review Scripture daily.   I'm working on
1 Thes. 4:16-18 now.

5.  Do 20 crunches twice a day.  Gradually increase the amount so that by the end of the month I can do 40 twice a day.  (This is my effort to lose the belly pooch that I carry as a result of having 4 kids in less than 4 years.)

(This cute little guy contributed to the pooch...shame on him)