Monday, August 25, 2008

CVS Superstar

Ok, this is the best deal I have ever done at CVS.
Here's what I got.
Transaction 1
2- Advil Children's Fever Syrup ($5.79 each)
Coupons used:
2- $1 off Advil
1- $2/$10 ($2 off $10 purchase)
ECB for $7.58 (I've been holding on to this for about 3 weeks)

OOP $0.20!!!! And I earned $11.58 in ECBs for the Advil. Can you believe it?

Transaction 2
1- Delsym (it's a great cough syrup) $8.99
1 Mr. Goodbar $1
1 M and M's (not pictured...we ate them. I had to get the candy as a filler to use up the entire amount of the ECB) $0.79
1 CVS Toddler wipes $1.49

Coupons used:
$11.58 ECB from preious transaction

OOP $0.76!!!
Total I spent $0.96 for $28.11 in products! Wow! What a great trip. Halley is stocked up on meds. Now, if I could just keep her well!

I could have done even better with Transaction 2 b/c I had another coupon for $2/$10 but I forgot to use it! Oh well. I just took the Q to Publix and used it! I bought my last pack of Pull-ups for Halley. I only bought them b/c she will be going to Mothers Morning Out (MMO) once a week,and may need them there...if they don't put her on the potty. The pull-ups were regular price $15.99 and on sale for $13.99. I used the $2/$10 Q and a $2 Pull-ups Q, making them $9.99. Mmm, mmm, good!