Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Won!

I entered a random drawing at Money Saving Mom and I won. The drawing was for coupons for 4 free packages of Bertolli Premium Pasta Sauce. I was entry #869...forreal! I looked back later in the day and there wer 909 entries. I just entered because it was easy, but didn't think I would win. But, I got an e-mail telling me I had won. So for all you sceptics out there...this stuff really works.


Carolina Girl said...

I haven't visited your site in a couple of days, and I seem to have missed a lot! LOL The pics of your daughter ironing were too cute. I am not sure what I would have done in that situation, either. and man do I wish we had a Publix. Those are some great deals. The coupons here are not usually good - we live out in the middle of nowhere - and the sales on the coupon items are usually worse. We couponed a lot *actually if it wasn't on sale with a coupon, we wouldn't buy it* when we lived one state over, but here it's impossible. We still watch the sales, and I got $75 of meat for less than $30 today, but still not the deals you get :-)

Congrats on the win, I was an entrant, too. We don't usually use convenience foods, but if you win it, you have to use it, right??? LOL A nice dinner you don't have to work hard for :-)

I am glad you are enjoying your little girl. It's so hard to do while pregnant, and I cant imagine being pregnant with twins, that is what you said, right?

Well, enough of the update :-) Have a happy monday!