Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hiding His Word in my Heart

(This post is actually a comment that I left on Brenda's blog. Because it was so long and a bit of an update of where I am, I thought I'd copy it to my blog. How's that for killing 2 birds with one stone?!!!)

A few years ago, you gave the challenge to memorize 1 Peter. I started then just memorizing chunks of 1 Peter, but not the entire book. Then I went through a GREAT trial in my life and this book really helped to guard my mind and give me strength in the battle.

1 Peter is my favorite book (ask my friends...I reference it all the time). I have the Bible on CD and over the years I have listened to 1 Peter sooo many times and continued to read it. I was challenged by a msg on Revive our Hearts (ROH) to begin memorizing large sectiions of scripture or even book. Of course, 1 Peter came to mind. I am also doing a Precept study of this book now. I brought a spiral set of notecards and started working on chapter 1. Without even knowing it, I almost had all of 1 Peter 1 memorzied because I had meditated on it and listened to it so many times. I am so motivated to memorize the entire book...even the saluations at the end!

I called up a friend, and she joined me in memorizing Ps. 19 just about 3 weeks ago. Each Friday we quote the passage that we have decided on to one another. We are currently on the last 3 verses of Ps. 19. The accountability really helps to. Next she is going to start on 1 Peter! What a blesing to hide God's Word in my heart.

You can go here, to listen to the 1st message in the 3 part series from ROH. The woman that Nancy Leigh Demoss (host of ROH) is interviewing has memorized 14 books of the Bible (including Revelation and Ruth) and over 100 chapters! I use this woman's same method...carry my spiral around with me during the day and memorize as I do my daily chores.

By the length of my comment, I guess you can tell that I really value Scripture Memory.


These Three Kings said...

yes..she is an walking example of 1Peter!! Such a wise and godly example!! Tay, I am so much more encouraged to memorize due to reading this...I am been struggling, but I shall press on! Thanks friend!

Joy said...

A whole book...wow! That is awesome. I too have been focused on scripture memory, but had not considered a whole book. I will have to give this some serious thought. Iron sharpens iron!

JManradge said...

I must say that your encouraging me all they way over in the "Zone". Your such a humble example, I can press now that I have been spured on.