Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Twins - 5 months!

Dear Rae Rae,
Today you are 5 months old. You are such a sweetheart and full of personality. It seems to me that you are growing out of your nickname of Baby Set It Off. You have mellowed out some and aren't quite as demanding. It's easier to soothe you and meet your demands these days. In the past 2 months you started rolling over (you accomplished this feat about 3 weeks after Max). Most people say it's because you have so much baby fat on you that it's harder for you to roll over! However, you were able to bear weight on your legs before your brother. I attached a mirror to your crib and it keeps you occupied and cooing for good lengths of time. You can clasp your hands together like you are praying and push up on your arms. Your hair is very curly and I adorn it with one or two barrettes to add to your cuteness factor! You are an excellent napper and night time sleeper. At your last Dr's appointment you weighed 13 lbs 1 oz. You had to get 3 shots and you were quite the trooper...barely cried at all. Your skin is still so soft and I love rubbing my face against your cheeks. I wish I could bottle something to keep you a baby forever! However, I know that you will get even sweeter and more precious to me with time...so, I guess I'll let you grow up!
Rae Rae, Mommy loves you!

Macky Boy,
What a sweet little boy you are! It is amazing how much you look like your Daddy. This month, I put a baseball cap on you for the first time and I absolutely love it. You look so cute in it. I think wearing a hat will be your signature look. You are very active and quite a squirmer. You are a very happy baby and full of sweet laughter and cooing sounds. You and Rae Rae both started sucking your thumbs last month. I had vowed not to let anymore of our kids be thumbsuckers b/c Halley's thumb is in terrible shape. However, I let you and Rae Rae have your way! You can bear weight on your legs, push up on your arms, and recognize familiar voices. On Mother's Day, Auntie Erika and Oma gave you your first taste of rice cereal. After about a week, you were keeping most of it in your mouth and not pushing the majority of it out. You are still pretty laid back, but not hesitant to let out your high pitched shrill to let me know how you are really feeling! Most nights you sleep all night and wake up around 6:30. At your last Dr's appointment you weighed 13 lbs. Even though you are only 1 oz. behind Mariah, she is in the 45th percentile and you are in the 15th b/c the boys growth curve is different from the girls. I am really proud of your progress and I think you will be bigger than Mariah in no time! But, oh what I wouldn't do to keep you little forever!
I love you Macky Boy!


These Three Kings said...

I could just cry...you are great!
I miss you soo
these kiddies are growing soooo fast!
continue to enjoy..man, how I wish i were in your shoes! :)
I know, I know..God is in control
love you
hope to see you soon

Julie said...

They are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this glimpse into their little lives.