Sunday, May 3, 2009

Still Saving

Bruno's had triple coupons up to $0.55 this weekend. That means that all coupons were worth 3X their face value (a coupon for $0.55 was worth $1.65...which is great!). I'm so glad that I was able to go. I had to be careful though, b/c Bruno's is very high! Even w/ triple coupons some of their deals were not as good as I could get w/ BOGO deals at Publix. I had in mind only to buy things that were $2 or less, so that w/ the Q they would cost me less than $0.50 or so. Here is what I purchased:

Regular Price: $36.57
- $20.83 (sales and coupons)
Total OOP: $17.78 (w/ tax)

Total Savings: 52%

To put this shopping trip into perspective, I'll tell you that the Gain Detergent was $13.98 by itself before the sale! I spent about $4 more and recieved everything else! Can you believe that? I'm telling you, couponing is definetly worth it. Yes, it took time to clip the qs and research different blogs for great deals, but in the end it was certainly worth it!


These Three Kings said...

oh whatever!! arent we suppose to only boast in the CROSS of CHRIST!!!!! LOL!!!

I kid! you go girl!! you sure are teaching me somethings!!
this is great, keep it up!

Keisha Coconut said...

Don't know if this is nationwide but just wanted you to know that in my state, tomorrow K-Mart is doubling manufacturer coupons. :)

Anonymous said...

Cool. This is one of my weakness. I'm still trying to learn about better grocery deals. Good for you!!