Monday, February 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Since having the twins, I've really had to focus on time management. I haven't taken the twins out much and we certainly aren't going to the grocery together anytime soon. One baby would have to ride in the front and one in the back and Halley would have to walk beside me while holding on to the cart. With all that going on, where would I put the groceries?!!! The thought of doing that makes me anxious! So, the solution has been going to the commissary with my mom twice a month. I try to plan out our meals and keep a list of things that we have run out of.
Anyway, here's our menu for this week:

Sunday- turkey drumettes (cooked in an oven bag), turnip greens (frozen), and leftover hashbrown casserole

Monday- pork chops, potatos au gratin, corn

Tuesday- Meals on Wheels (a friend is bringing us dinner)

Wednesday- chicken over dried beef, rice, broccoli

Thursday- baked ziti, salad, bread

Friday- fried fish!! spinach, jiffy corn bread

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Keisha Coconut said...

Hi Shaunta'. Thank you so much for coming by my blog and offering your assistance. I look forward to and appreciate the wealth of information I know you will be able to provide on taking care of twins.