Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 Random Things

I posted this list on Facebook, but wanted to share it with you all too!

1. I went to 3 different High Schools (one each for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade)
2. I was not sick for even one day during my pregnancies. No morning sickness, no heartburn, no cravings.
3. I had 3 children in 2 years.
4. I lived in Germany for 8 years.
5. My husband and I are complete opposites (He is a risk taker, I'm cautious. He's an extrovert, I'm an introvert. He likes meat, I'm more into veggies and side items. He's outside the box, I'm a rule follower. I could go on and on!)
6. My mom is one of my best friends. I talk to her at least 3 times a day.
7. When I was in 12th grade, my Freshman sister was much more popular than I was. I was referred to as Joy's sister b/c everyone knew her.
8. I love ice cream (esp. from Bruster's...with a waffle bowl)!
9. I worked as a RN for 3 years before quitting to be a stay at home wife and mom.
10. I had an outtie belly button until I was 9 when I had surgery to repair it.
11. When I was a nurse, I loved drawing blood and starting IV's.
12. I taught myself to crochet when I was pregnant with Halley using a book from Wal Mart.
13. I didn't learn how to swim until I was 23.
14. In college, I made straight A's several times and graduated cum laude.
15. I took piano lessons for 5 years and clarinet for 2.
16. I can only eat cereal if the milk is ice cold…literally. I place a cup of milk in the freezer for an hour to let it get super cold and then I use it in my cereal.
17. If I ever had to go back to work as a nurse I would like to be a lactation consultant.
18. I played soccer in High School and made the all conference team twice.
19. I like to watch Jon and Kate plus 8. However, I think that Kate’s attitude toward her husband is terrible. She talks to him like he’s one of the children.
20. I wish I were not such a procrastinator. For example, I’m writing this list instead of doing something much more productive.
21. I love taking pictures of my children. I only wish I would get them printed out more often.
22. I would love to own a Honda Odyssey…shucks, all of my friend’s drive them and I want to be cool too!
23. I started taking sewing lessons when I was pregnant with Halley. I have made a couple of quilts, curtains, and pillows amongst other things.
24. Macy’s is my favorite store. My sister and mom pick out most of my clothes, because my sense of style is not that great. If I have on something cute, it’s because they helped me put it together!
25. I love nicknames. I think they are very endearing. My dad calls me Candy and has never called me Shaunta’ (when he says Shaunta’ when introducing me to people I think it sounds weird). I call Halley, “Brie Brie” and “Sweet Love”, Max is “Macky Wacky” or “Buddy”, Mariah is “Fat Mama Lucy” or “Rae Rae”, Eddie is “Baby.”


Julie said...

I love the nickname thing. I do the same thing. My baby can be pumpkin head, pokey puppy, or baby at any given moment. My dh is the same way. He calls me baby so much that my three year old has started calling me that.
"Whatcha doin, baby?" he says to me.
We just bought an old Honda Odyssey from a friend. Its a '95 but when we had Honda check it out before we bought it they said we were getting an awesome deal. I'm just glad God blessed us with something we could pay cash for.