Monday, November 24, 2008

Body Parts

Being a part of the Body of Christ is such a blessing. I have been so encouraged by my friends in Montgomery. They are like family and make living in BAMA an easier pill to swallow. Last Thursday was a wonderful day surrounded by friends. Here's a snipet of an e-mail that I sent to my friend Keisha telling her about my day:

Yesterday, was a fun day for me. Me and Brie met Sylvia and her boys at the mall. We let the kiddies take a train ride...we thought it would be cute. Of course Brie started crying, so Champ started too! The conductor had to stop the ride and let them off! Next time, I'll keep my $2 in my pocket and we'll just look at the train! We came home and took a nap. Then Brittany Wright came over. She's like single friend who lives around the corner who always comes over. We have become pretty close. Then Nyema and the girls came over before picking up Zuriel from school. Then Delta and Nicole stopped by for a few minutes to bring baby Max some boy clothes. Then Chas and Ashley came over and along with Brittany, they put up my Christmas tree! It's so pretty. I have bronze and gold on it this year. It just puts me in a happy mood to look at the tree. I will take some pics and upload them. Then, I went to dinner with a friend from church. What a day.

What a blessing to have such wonderful friends. My parents comment quite often about the friends that we have here. They are amazed with how we serve and take care of one another.

I want my frineds to know how very thankful I am for them. They are a real blessing and truly exemply love in action!