Wednesday, November 26, 2008

23 Days and Counting...Down!

Have you looked at my baby ticker lately? Take a minute and scroll down...looking to your left for the 2 babies floating in the womb.

Go ahead.


I'm waiting.

Did you see that? 23 days (as of Nov. 26) to go! The babies are moving around like crazy. I can look down at my belly and see body parts doing the bump in there! It's hard to believe that by Christmas, Lord willing, we will have 3 children. Boy, did we catch up with some our friends very quickly. Their names are Mariah (she still needs a middle name) and Maxwell Eddie. It has been such a joy and privelege to carry them. I thank God for giving me the joy of bearing children. What a delight and honor.

The other night at our Thanksgiving service a man shared that he delivered their 7th child at home because the midwife did not make it in time! You all know my husband is quite the businessman, right? He got the mic and said, "Scott, they are charging us $10,000 to deliver these babies, can we cut a deal?" The church went into an uproar! Afterwards, someone told me that I gave Eddie the evil eye...oops!

Seriously though, we are having to pay out of pocket for this pregnancy. We have medical insurance (which we pay nearly $400 monthly for) but we did not sign up for maternity benefits when we got the policy. We had just had Halley and weren't "planning" to get pregnant for awhile. Since this pregnancy, our thoughts on "planning" pregnancies has changed. We believe that God is sovereign over the womb. It's not to us to determine how big our small our family will be. God knows what's best. He declares in His Word that children are a blessing from Him and that the fruit of the womb is a reward. We don't think that we should say, "No,God don't give me any more blessings. We are going to use "wisdom" and cut off the blessings that you want to give us." The world sees children as a bother, a hindrance to your career, and anything but a blessing. But as Christians, we know that Christ is opposed to the world (He is on the extreme end of the spectrum to what the world says)..."feed your enemies, bless those who curse you, the first will be last, the greatest among you is your servant, etc." To give control of this area of our lives over to the Lord is a huge step of faith for us. After all, I was just a few days late picking up my pills and we got pregnant...with twins! But we trust that our God truly knows what is best. We want to have an open hand to His will for our lives.

As for Halley's thoughts on the babies...she doesn't have much of a clue what's going on! When asked where are the babies, she does lift up my shirt and point to my belly. And she knows that we have been keeping her out of the nursery, but I don't think she knows why! She is a great helper...really. She carries her stool to the sink to help wash dishes and to the washer and dryer to help with the laundry. She loves to get the clothes out of the dryer and put them on the couch and even tries to help me fold them. When I get the broom, she immediately gets the dustpan. She helps to vaccuum. My parents bought her an iron and ironing board, so she does that as well! What a domestic diva! I hope this continues when the babies come. She is going to the potty on her own these days...#1 and #2!!! Praise the Lord. She wears panties all day and has not had an accident in a couple of days. Even in the church nursery she has used the potty. I am so thankful to the Lord for this! My goal was to have her potty trained before the twins arrived. She has met and exceeded the goal! We are still working on her staying dry at night. She just turned 2 on Nov. 7, so I really believe her progress is excellent. I just hope she won't regress when they get here.

Well, keep praying for us. I'm having Braxton Hicks contractions...especially at night. We are shooting for Dec. 19 to become a party of 5!


These Three Kings said...

In the TRUE WOMAN MANIFESTO we read.....

"Receive children as a blessing from the Lord, seeking to train them to love and follow Christ and to consecrate their lives for the sake of His gospel and Kingdom."

we read in Deu. 32 : See now that I myself am He!
There is no god besides me.
I put to death and I bring to life,
I have wounded and I will heal,
and no one can deliver out of my hand.

I am sooo encouraged in my faith to see believers doing as the LORD HAS CALLED THEM according to the measure of FAITH HE has given!.. Romans 11

Tay, you and Eddie are going to see the LORD like you have not seen him before..its in those places where we are the MOST uncomfortable, where the fire is hott, where we are forced to stand alone,that GOD GLORY SHINES SO BRIGHTLY THROUGH US....

continued to stand on those convictions my friend...GOd will reward the chambers for their obedience!!

Keisha Reid said...

Wow! Nicole your message is long! I am too lazy to read not really funny!

Tay, thanks for this post. I was most encourage to hear about you trusting God in terms of the amount of children he chooses to give you! That's such a great resolve of His sovereignty.
OK, Bri is busy, she is indeed a "domestic diva!" I need to take classes from her when I get
18 more days left...I cant wait to see pics of the baby. Know that I am praying for you during this time.

Love you dear friend!

Keisha Reid said...

Ok, Nicole I read your comment...Good stuff, good words of encouragement...:)

Anonymous said...

LOL That was funny what Keisha said. I had to laugh! LOL

That's great on how the Lord has placed that conviction on your heart. Praise God.

I look forward to seeing pics of the little ones and ESPECIALLY the stories on caring for them. I hope to have twins.


These Three Kings said...

OHHHHHH I see We GOT JOKES On this piece!!!

Keisha that was funny tho, lol

and Z dont be laughing!!

11 more DAYS!!!!!!! YAAAY!!!

Madame Butterfly said...

Girl you are fertile Mrytle :o)...I can't wait to see those babies! You'll probably be preggo soon after they get here as fertile as you are! Bring em on Lord! That stance isn't for everyone but for those who take it I pray the Lord give you as many as he can :o)