Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We're Having...

A precious boy and a girl!!! What a blessing. We will have 2 girls (including our sweet Halley) and one boy ages 2 and under by Christmas, if the Lord wills! The ultrsound we had on July 21, was so exciting. The babies were moving around a lot. Our little girl had her legs crossed for awhile, so it took some time to figure out her sex. But alas, it was a girl. Eddie is very thankful to have atleast one boy to share the house with. I'm doing fine and steadily growing. Please continue to pray for ALL of us!


Keisha Reid said...


Hey! I am so glad for you and Eddie. A boy and a girl...NICE!
I saw your tummy on facebook a second are growing!!!

Hey, Im such a bad friend, when was your birthday?
Im going to check FB. Happy belated..sorry forgive me!

Julie said...

Thats awesome! How sweet!