Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lessons Learned from Gardening

This is my first year having a garden. It's something I've been wanting to do for awhile and this year I finally did it. I have learned so many spiritual lessons over the last 2 months from these 7 little pots filled with dirt and some plants. Today, I harvested 3 tomatoes and some basil. I don't even care that 2 of the tomatoes have a few holes in them...I'm going to give them a try. I would never have bought these tomatoes from a store, but because they grew in my garden, I'm going to eat them! God is so good to have allowed me to see Him in the garden. My heart truly rejoices as I water the plants and watch what happens. Here are some parallels that I see between my spiritual life and the life of my plants.

1. Read your bible, pray everyday and you'll grow, grOW, GROW!!!

As I've watered my plants, they have grown. On the days that I forget to water them, they shrivel up a look dry and helpless. Within 1-2 hours of giving them some much needed water they sprout right up. This parallels with my life because I see that when I am in the Word of God, I grow and flourish. When I'm not spending time with the Lord, my spiritual man is left unfed and begins to thirst. If I've gone some days without spending time with the Lord and then I do, I perk up...just as my plants do when they get water. AMEN.

This was my garden on June 20, 08

2. God's rain does so much more for the plants then tap water.

I'm not sure why and how this is true, but it is. The plants seem to grow by leaps and bounds when it rains. This reminds me that what really feeds my soul is the Word of God. Yes, Christian books and sermons are good and can help me grow even as tap water does for my plants, but because the Word of God is living and active, feasting on it nourishes my soul so much more.

3. God makes the plants grow.

I do my part in watering the plants and tending to them. However, it is God that makes them grow. Apart from His grace, I would just have buckets full of dirt. In my own life, as I do my part and get in the Word, God takes it and by His Spirit produces fruit in my life.

This is my garden as of today, July 12, 08

4. Pruning is important.

I take time to remove dead foilage and troubled spots from the plants because this helps them to flourish. Likewise, I must find the troubled/sin areas of my own life and remove them from my life. These small troubling spots can suck the life from my plants and from me.

5. Growth is Exciting

Just today I saw three new tomatoes on the vine. It was so exciting to see. I was thanking the Lord as I marveled at what He had done. In my own life, it's good to see that there will be growth when I do things God's way. He is at work in my plants and in me. Praise the Lord!

As I continue to see other parallels, I will update you. If you don't have a garden, you should consider getting one. You will be amazed at what the Lord can do!


Jennifer said...

It is amazing, isn't it? I've also seen the lesson of plating in fertile ground and dry ground, and the lesson of planting a seed but only God makes it grow (when some seeds for some reason don't grow or bear fruit). You're doing a great job!

annieck said...

GREAT post!!! Thanks for sharing this. :)

Real Talker said...

Wow Tay that was deep and very enlightening. Isn't it amazing how the Lord will take a seemingly mundane task and teach us a wealth of knowledge about Himself when we perform it.