Friday, June 6, 2008

My Little Underwear Bandit!!

Ok, so Halley likes to wear my undies! It's so funny to see her prance around the house with 5-7 pair of my underwear on. I don't know why she likes to do it, but this is one of her all time favorite activities of the day. She especially loves laundry day because then she has access to pairs on end without having to take the effort to open my drawer to fish out her favorites. If she can't wear them, then she would love to just be naked all day long. Where did we get this little nudist from? It's no surprise to find her taking off her clothes at any point of the day to go streaking through the house. I probably dress her atleast 4 or 5 times a day. The other day I went to my friend's house (she knows who she is) and her 5 year old was naked. When we came in, she told her daughter, "You may want to put some clothes on now since Halley is here." To which I replied, "Halley would much rather take off her clothes now and join the party!" Maybe it's an Alabama thing. One night Eddie told Halley, "I see your naked behind more than I see your mother's!!!!" I guess there are some things I could learn from my 18 month old!
P.S. I do own sexy undies too, she just chose to put on the grandmama ones (or BMD's...big mama drawz-as we call them in my family!)


These Three Kings said...

ROTF!!!!!! I cant even begin to commit on this post!!!!! LOL!!!!!

your blog is so much fun!!!

Joy said...

I can't believe you broadcast your panty bandit info in the virtual realm! HA!

Julie said...

HI! First of all your daughter is just adorable. I laughed so hard at the little underwear bandit!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.
I am definately saving your blog it is so much fun to read!
The quilt for your friend is gorgeous.

Keisha Reid said...

LOL!!!! YA'll are so funny!