Friday, June 20, 2008

Double the Pleasure!!!

Well, well, well! We're having twins! Wow! We are so excited and just can't believe it (if we had a diaper for everytime we said that today we'd be set for atleast the first month)! The crazy thing is that I have been having thoughts that we were having twins...but just thoughts. I thought we could be having twins but couldn't find out until the first ultrasound. Yesterday, I asked Eddie, "What if they tell us we're having twins tomorrow?" He didn't really respond. Today when we were sitting in the waiting room I reminded Eddie that I didn't want to know the sex of the baby. He agreed to wait until atleast week 20 to ask the ultrasound tech what she thought it was. He didn't know that at week 20 I was going to tell him not to ask again!

Anyway, the ultrasound tech (Tonora)called me to the back and I laid on the table. As soon as, I mean literally within 1 second, of her putting the ultrasound tool on my belly I saw 2 separate sacks!! I sat straight up and started screming and giggling and I gave her a hug. I exclaimed, "Baby, it's twins!!!" He said, "No, you're lying...What?" I laid back down and she started again. Sure enough there were two moving little bodies on the screen!! Oh what joy. I just kept screaming and giggling...and hugging the lady. She started crying. Another tech rushed in the room and said, "Is everything ok in here?" We all shouted, "Yes, IT'S TWINS!!!" I called my mom while I was still on the table. She couldn't believe it. Tonora got on the phone and confirmed the miracle. My mom was just tickled pink! Tonora took extra time with us to make sure we got a good picture. The twins are laying opposite of one another (head of one to the feet of the other). I'm so over that mess of not finding out what they are...we WILL be finding out ASAP!!! We are just so excited and thankful to our Lord!

It has been so much fun telling all our friends and family today. It's funny how many people called us, people, we're not's TRUE!! My side of the family has 2 sets of twins and Eddie's has 4. Dr. Phillips told us that he thinks they are fraternal, but can't be sure yet. He said they look healthy. I just pray that their growth and healthy status continues. A term pregnancy for twins is 37 weeks not 40, so they should be here in Mid December. I feel great...haven't had any nausea or sickness AT ALL! Now that's crazy, because multiples usually cause increased nausea, fatigue, and all that other yucky stuff. God is so good.
Thx for sharing in our joy with us!
Here is the birth announcement e-mail that I sent out today.

Hi Everyone,
We couldn't be anymore thrilled!!!! We're having twins!!! Praise the
Lord! What a mighty and awesome God we serve! Attached is the proof of this
miracle. Please pray for us as we seek to honor the Lord for this wonderful
gift. We are so happy. Halley still has no clue, but she already loves her
toy babies so we can only imagine that she will be happy when her new siblings
arrive. They should be here before Christmas.
ALL the Chambers

Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one's youth.
How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them; They will not be ashamed
when they speak with their enemies in the gate.
Ps. 127:3-5


Keisha Reid said...

OH, I am going to cry. I cannot believe it! GOSH I cant wait to come home! I love you and I am excited for you my friend!

Keisha Reid said...

I had to comment again, I am so excited. I cant stop smiling. I think I'm going to cry. Ahhh! I wish I was there to hug you, cry with you, smile with you and pray with you. I can't wait to meet the babies. What a blessed gift. Our God truly is the GREAT JOY GIVER!!!

Love you all dearly!

Wonderful World said...

Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow!!!!!!! I am so excited for you. The babies...the babieS are beautiful. that is the most precious sight! You are truly a blessed woman and even more so because you are rejoicing in your blessing!!!! Praise the Lord!!! You are going to have your own little taste of our favorite show (Jon and Kate plus 8)! I love it!

Brian and Ella said...

i know i've already told you, but we are so excited for you and eddie! i loved reading your more detailed version of the day and how you found put such a smile on my face! :) what a great blessing from the Lord! we will be praying for your precious babies' health and safety!

Carrie Jo said...

Hi There - your dad sent me the news and I just had to comment. First it is amazing to see you all grown up with a family of your very own. God is so awesome! He has continued to bless you and your family. Remain focused on the steps He has ordered for your lives. I am so happy for you. Sending lots of love from New Jersey/Virginia and constant prayers for you and the entire Caine/Jordan family. Love ya, Carrie Halstead.

Julie said...

TWINS?! When you left the comment on my blog I rushed right over. How blessed you are! Thats wonderful!

Elizabeth said...

YAY! I had the same screaming, laughing, excited experience. God is so good. Twins are wonderful! Exhausting, but wonderful!!!

If you can afford it, hire help. We had to b/c it was just crazy busy. It was the best money we ever spent.


Jess said...

Oh, Shaunta, that is so awesome. I was thinking at the beginning of this last pregnancy that I would love to have twins. What a blessing and how sweet to see those two little people floating around in the sono pic. :)

Thanks for sharing and thanks for coming by my blog to tell me. I hope your pregnancy and all goes so smoothly... continue to let us know how it goes carrying TWO! It's got to feel amazing towards the end.


Christina said...

You will treasure the moment you first saw those twins forever! It truly is a blessing! May you have a safe, healthy, and easy pregnancy!

annieck said...

What an AWESOME story!!! AMAZING!
I LOVE that ultrasound picture. It is TOO sweet. :)