Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory, Glory!!

God is so good. The past two nights before going to bed I have prayed that the Lord would help me to get up when my alarm goes off at 6:45. Guess what, I have been waking up around 6:30. Coincidence? I think not!
It has been so good to read the Word and sit at Jesus' feet while the house is still quiet. I've made it to 1 Samuel in my daily reading. Praise the Lord! He has granted me the grace to get this far. Today's reading was about David. Do you guys realize how much Saul hated him? Saul was on a mission to kill David...even though he was his son, Jonathan's best friend! I noticed that Saul was prideful. He did not want David to be known as the one who had killed 10s of thousands, and he had only killed thousands. Instead of recognizing that David's success benefitted him, his focus was on the fact that he was not getting the fame! Hello, Saul, you are fighting the same enemy, the Philistines. I love that in the Chronological Bible that I am reading that it puts the Psalms that David wrote right in the mix with the story that is being read. For example, Ps. 34 was in today's text with the story about David fleeing from Saul and hiding in the cave. I love that David cried out to the Lord and He delivered him from all his troubles!
I also spent time reading Pr. 31 today. The Lord has been convicting me of being more of a helper to Eddie. I am not watching TV during the day since it is such a huge distraction to me. Guess what...yesterday I was much more productive. Imagine that! I have really been working on getting our finances in order and organizing our business bills and such. On top of this, I made a chore list to help me know what I need to be doing each day. And, I'm still potty training (which is another blog entry in itself). I'm busy taking care of my home and as Brenda stated yesterday, trying to do it knowing that this is the way the Lord has called me to worship Him today! I am so thankful for the time spent yesterday at the Mentors and Moms study. I know it is going to really help me in being the wife and mom that God has called me to be.
Well, I better go now and get to work for the glory of God! Will you pray for me in these things? Thanks.


THESE 3 KINGS said...

awwwww... I need to be apart of your early club.. I lived rising time!! I need to call you..we have been out.. I am reading my friend, and sooo excited about you being in the group with us! hang in there my sweet friend..I am praying for you

pray for me..this exercising is tough.. i have missed it the past couple of days :(

Wonderful World said...

You have a blog! I love it! It is so funny that although we talk and see each other it's still so exciting to read each other's blogs. I love it! Halley is potty training! Wow...not even looking in that direction. I just finished that. I will gladly change diapers for another whole year thank you!!

Keisha Reid said...

Tay, this is a great blog. Its neat to see the different ways that the Lord has called us to serve Him. I am so happy that you are experiencing joy in the presence of the Lord as well as in the ministry in which He's called you...I love you dear friend!