Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Potty Language

"Halley, sit on the potty. "

" Sit down."

" Bri, obey Mommy."

"I want you to sit down."

"Halley, Halley, Halley use the potty...potty, potty (singing)."

"Sit your heineken down."

These are just some of the phrases that I have been repeating over and over again! Halley has shown lots of signs of readiness for potty training, so I started training her. What a job. It can be joyous, cute, frustrating, irritating...a real test of patience. She did well yesterday, but not so good today! But this is a process, right. One of the things that is so difficult about training her is that she is so BUSY!! Who knew that there were one hundred and one things to do in the bathroom...even with locked cabinets. I'm telling you, she is into EVERYTHING!! I especially love it when she stands up and claps and gives herself praise, even though she has not put anything in the potty. What a cutie. She loves to be praised...just like her father!!! Today I spent time praying for this time in her life. I prayed for patience for myself and that she would pick up this skill soon. This sounds insignificant, but I do believe that the Lord is concerned about all the things that concern me. If you remember, please pray for us.


Brian and Ella said...

shaunta, i am so impressed! nate is no where near being ready, and we're still working on henry, who is already 2 1/2!! i hear girls are easier to train than boys...i hope it's true for you!!

THESE 3 KINGS said...

praying for you girly!! hang in there....have fun, and continue to pray..this is such a sweet time..she is still young so dont be so hard on her or yourself
whatever you do..DO NOT COMPARE to other kids
you are doing great!!!
love you!!

Brian and Ella said...

thanks, shauta', for your sweet comment! i look forward to meeting you at the park this spring...we definitely need to do that!!

as for our camera, we have a Canon PowerShot A560...we really enjoy it! however, anything is probably better than what we had was terrible!

i can't wait to read more of your posts!

Keisha Reid said...

Oh! cute. I miss my little Bri Bri.