Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Firstborn

Halley is growing so much. It's hard to believe what a big girl she is. Some of her favorite things to do are reading, playing with dolls, pushing her stroller, buckling herself in her carseat, changing her clothes, taking baths, helping with the babies, kissing the babies, wrestling her dad, and helping me with chores around the house. She can be so sweet but also a huge challenge. She is potty trained and uses the phrase, "I gotta hotty (potty)" as an excuse to get out the bed! It's so sweet to see her interact with the babies. In the morning she comes in the babies' room while I'm nursing and gives each of them a hug and a kiss. When I put them in the swing or baby chair she likes to buckle them in. This past weekend she went to a skating birthday party. For fun, I put a pair of skates on her. After helping her skate on the carpet for a little while, she was ready to be on her own. She did really well balancing and walking with the skates on. My baby is really growing up.


These Three Kings said...

The Kangs love them some Hallie Bri!

Continue to remind yourself of the joys of her being your first born and those challenges moments will be times of thankfulness! Life is so short tay..we only have them for a moment!

I love how you and toni are faithful with capturing memories!