Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Sweet Love!

Halley is quite the character these days. I put her in bed about an hour and a half ago and she has gotten out the bed twice because she "gotta hotty" (that's potty for all of you who don't speak her language!) The second time she got out the bed she had on a totally different pair of pajamas than I put her to bed in...and she had on sandals! Obviously, she had been out of bed playing dress up! I put her back in bed and about 15 minutes later walked past her room to put one of the twins to bed. Guess what, under the crack of her door I could see that the light was on! I opened the door and she was sitting on the floor trying to fix her stepstool. Oh I raising a 2 year old or a teenager?! A couple of months ago we were having trouble with Halley taking off her soiled diaper and throwing it out of her bed onto the floor (and it wasn't always just a #1 diaper). When she would visit my parents, my dad would tape up her diaper with electrical tape! Well, the other day, Halley brought me a stuffed animal the other day to put a diaper on it. I did as she told me. Later on I turned around and saw that she was playing with a roll of tape. I tore the tape off for her and she started putting it on the animal's diaper. Guess where she got that from? Halley, is becoming much more verbal. Sometimes, it still sounds like she's speaking French, but she's trying! I speak her language, so oftentimes I'm asked to translate. Here she is saying her ABC's.