Thursday, August 14, 2008

More from my little helper!

My friend, Antoinette, came over to visit the other day. She took this video of our little one. At first she said she was going to call Child Protective Services on me b/c this just shouldn't be allowed! I assured her that this was all Halley's idea and that she gets a kick out of it...and I do too!

Now, if she could just be this helpful to me when I'm in the grocery store! I took her with me to Publix today and she absolutely wore me out. This is the 2nd and last time that I wll ever get one of those big car carts. You know...the ones that are hard to steer, take up too much space, and that the kids don't even play with (even though you get them for their entertainment)! Yea, that's the one. Imagine me, with my big belly pushing that monster truck around! Ok, you can stop laughing now!

On top of that we didn't go until about 5 p.m. when the store was most crowded. I got her the free cookie from the bakery b/c I thought that would keep her occupied. Guess what...she finished that before I was out of the produce department. Then I gave her a lunchable to snack on. Mind you, she's in that dirty cart where millions of other children have done who knows what in it. But, I'm just trying to keep her quiet, so I let her have it. About 2 aisles later, she had to use the bathroom. Not to mention my phone kept ringing! So, I pushed the F150 over to the bathroom, took my purse and her bag and took her to the potty. Thankfully, she did use it...on the potty! If this were a false alarm, I think I would have screamed!

Anyway, we finished and went back out to finish our shopping. I decided to go down the dairy aisle. Of course, she needed something else to eat. Foolishly, I opened a fruit cup and poured the juice from it into the lunchable container, so that she could just fish her hands in and not make a mess! But no...sista girl, decided to take the lunchable container and dump it all over herself! Back to the bathroom we went for more papertowels! Oh, I'm getting exhausted all over again just writing about this trip!

Anyway, we finally finished and went to the checkout stand. Oh what I wouldn't give to have someone help me unload the groceries onto the belt! That was a workout...and with the Mack Truck you have to reach down further to get the groceries. Ok, the guy rings me up and there is noone there to bag the groceries. Guess who helped him do that...yes, your's truly who is carrying twins! But I was not going to carry them out on my own. I kindly tapped the bagger in the next aisle and asked him to help me out, which he did! Alas, we made it home.

But if you look down at my Publix Super Savers Post, you will notice I didn't buy any meat. So, we dropped the groceries off and went back out to Sam's! Yes, I know...I'm CRAZY!!!

Can you please leave a comment and tell me how I can train Halley to be better behaved in the store. I'm serious, I need some help. My parents told me that on one of those trips to the bathroom, I should have pulled out The Peacemaker aka the wooden spoon! They told me that as a matter of fact, someone should have spanked me for letting her control me like that! I can see their point. But seriously, what do you do to get your little one to behave in the grocery store. One answer is to leave them at home. But, I seriously believe that children need to learn how to behave in public, so you have to take them out. Let me hear from you...PLEASE!


~Bren~ said...

Kids in the store get tricky. My kids were always so good in the store until Zach. He was born addicted to crack cocaine and had ZERO tolerance for going out (bright lights, over stimulation, etc.). His bridge home mom kept him at home because of this. When I got him at 5 months I refused to keep him home and made my shopping trips with him. He screamed after 5 minutes in the store. I would only stay 5 minutes into his screaming and eventually he worked his way up to an entire grocery shopping trip. When he was about your daughter's age, I always had "dum dum" suckers in my purse. I would give him one of those and it lasted pretty much the entire shopping trip. I would have NEVER given any of my kids food, or suckers in the store. I tell you do what ever is necessary!!! Just know that if you give her food, treats, etc., she will expect them every time. Zach did, and he finally got to an age where I could say, "If you are good in the store you can get a treat in the check out isle." Now at 7 years old, he gets no reward for being good in the store, because he is "trained". Having your daughter behave in the way you want her to takes training. Training takes time. Make a lesson out of the shopping trips. Praise her for sitting nice. You may want to "practice" at home having her sit nicely for a time and then reward her with words and hugs when she does well.
And I agree about those BIG carts that are shaped like cars. They are very deep, hard to steer and LOADED with germs. I never used them (after the first time). Wait til you have to go with a toddler AND twins!!!

~Bren~ said...

If your litle one can sit for 20 minutes, then you are ahead of the game. That is wonderful. I think you need to practice the "look" your dh has...there must be power in that look!!!! LOL
It sounds like you are doing just fine...she is still so little. You do, however, want her to listen to you. Lots of praise when she does!!!

Carolina Girl said...

God bless you, I was in this very spot about 2 years ago, then again 10 months ago! I just found your blog through Bren's - you have a wonderful family. I am learning to effectively discipline my children - it's an exhausting task. One piece of advice I have held on to is to always be consistent in everything, which is hard for me. So go to the store at the same time every week, and even the same day if you can mnage it. That way she knows what is expected. Also, if you let her "help" I have found that works wonders. Put her in the cart facing you (it doesnt work in the monster carts, they are too distracted) and for things like cereal, small items, etc, give them to her and let her reach around and drop it in the cart. Just be careful of the eggs!!! I will be stopping by often!

These Three Kings said...

LOL!!!! you are to much... go ahead girl..train her up!! You are doing such a great job with Hallie really you are tay..yu just need to be a little more patience with yourself and her.. I agree fully with Bren above.. these things take time...remember what the end product is..not only Hallie learning how to conduct herself in publix but your sanctification( i.e. just think about all the FRUIT of the SPIRIT you are producing through this!! ( love it!!! )
lol-- I cant get over you calling that cart a "mack truck" I hate those things and those are the first carts Kaiya, ( and Zoey and Zuriel) run to when I am at publix with her( and nyema) ha!!

love you!!

Melzie said...

I think you are probably doing a great job, I see tons of great advice already. Just be consistent and don't expect a lot from her for a while, training takes time :) You did some great bargain shopping I need some lessons from you, I've had to go back to work part time to help out :( I would love to be able to save enough every week to make me working obsolete :) Love the video, see you are training her fine ;) xoxo melzie

Unknown said...

Now, I dont have children, but I do have a suggestion based on what I see in the video. That little grown woman looks like she can handle the grocery shopping without you. I suggest you send her to the store with a list, kick your feet up on the couch and wait for her to get home.


Anonymous said...

The PEACEMAKER! Ha! I like that one. Seeing your little lady hold that dust pan was excellent! Go ahead and train up a homemaker! LOL


Madame Butterfly said...

Good for you Tay!!!! That is what I'm talking about. You are so courageous to take your 21 mo. old out while pregnant with TWINS. It seems to me from reading the blog you did a great job. I didn't get any glimpse of Brie being unruly. :0 What has always worked for me is to include the children in the shopping process. They like to think of themselves as independant (especially at that age). Have a sell mapped out plan of your navigation through the store, ie. Cookie, produce middle ilse, meat, dairy and freezer section.

Allow her to put things (assuming they aren't breakable in the cart for you. Sissy and Eli are my shoppers, and Bishop adds the prices on his calculator. It is so cute but it works.

Try to keep the snaks to a minimum. The sugar gets them riled up. If you have to dry snacks are less messy :) as you have witnessed.

Hope that book helps!